Payroll management system is comprehensive and fully adheres to governmental rules and regulations. Major functionalities include:

  • Employee Master File
  • Financial history of employees
  • Electronic attendance
  • Income tax management
  • Leave management
  • Overtime Policies
  • Loan and advances management
  • Attendance policies

Employee Master File


Employee master includes detail information for each employee, its current status, associated department and cadre control. Income tax and bank accounts and defined with each employee to integrate with General Ledger financial system.


Overtime Management


Payroll system allows to defined overtime policies as per organization needs. Overtime calculation basis will drive the salary calculation against overtime for each employee.


Loan and Advances


Software allows user to grand loan and advances to employee and automatically adjusts with next salaries.User can define loan settlement schedule for each loan where payroll master will act according to the schedule provided.


Electronic Attendance


Software provides interfacing with electronic card read to log employee attendance. Attendance log fully comply with attendance policies defined by user.


Leave Management


Software provides Payroll system provides detail leave management within the payroll overall. Multiple types of leaves can be assigned to each employee. Leave encashment allows carrying forward remaining leaves to the next month or year.


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