Clear and precise information enables a person to deliver solid results in the courtroom. The thorough analysis, credible testimony and insightful reporting, our experts will help you advance your case with confidence. We know the markets you’re in and have bench strength to deliver you advice and litigation support on a wide range of issues, helping to resolve any uncertainty or dispute, from pleadings to final judgment.


Litigation Consulting and Expert Witness Testimony:


We work with corporate legal teams and outside counsel to strength the case of our clients. Our statisticians, economists, valuators and forensic accountants collect data, analyze it and provide expert testimony to help defend position in any legal situation.


Our team of processionals and experts provides the support to your clients at every step of the dispute process. Backed by extensive knowledge and experience, we work closely with our clients to gather data and undertake analysis relevant to the dispute, ensuring a complete and comprehensive package is built for specific case of business entities.


Quantification of Damages:


Our team of professionals provides objective and credible business advice regarding the financial damages relating to legal cases. We have the knowledge and expertise to address the sensitive and complex matters beyond just numbers e.g. determining losses or qualification of damages due to breach of contract or other matters.

We work one-on-one with you to develop a detailed understanding of your business. Be combining our fraud knowledge, financial expertise, understanding of business realities and how the legal system operates, we deliver financial evidence and deep insights to corroborate your position.


Our team of professional staff will help you in the different areas as mentioned below:

  • Identifying trends that would impact future cash flows.
  • Critically analyzing the other party’s claim and report.
  • Consulting with other technical or industry experts if required.
  • Quantifying what would have been but for the litigated incident.
  • Delivering our findings in a report .
  • Acting as an expert witness in litigations of our clients .

We would be delighted to discuss how we can help you, and your group or company. Please get in touch and contact MHSS at [email protected] or alternatively, contact our office directly.