Cash will remain king of the business and cash management is not only required for companies in cash shortage but it is needed for all business entities. Cash management matches the timing of inflow and outflow so that there is no shortage and excess funds are invested to meet the future needs.

We handhold the client in improving their fund flows. We not only design a plan but we constantly monitor its implementation and ensure the deviations are kept at minimal and the position is improved and more importantly the results achieved are sustained.


You May Need Cash Flow Management for The Following Reasons:

  • To ensure proper utilization of funds.
  • To avoid cash out situations.
  • To get maximum benefits out of spending (cost benefit analysis).
  • To match the time delay between fund receipts and payments.
  • When your inflows are seasonal and your outflows are regular.
  • To ensure the funds are available for business expansion.
  • To plan utilization of business profits earned in various investment avenues.

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