Tax compliance places regular demands on finance function especially at the time of adopting new tax strategies or when then business entity undergone a major transaction. Effective tax compliance is now majorly dependent on hiring, training and managing full time staff along with the right capabilities.


MHSS has an established track record for assisting its clients in managing their employee resources, business costs by acting as a seamless extension of their tax and/or accounting department. Our team possesses a strong combination of tax accounting and technical knowledge to prepare taxation related provisions and corporate tax returns.


Outsourcing can be helpful business entities facing these, and other, business challenges:

  • Start of a special project requiring high level of experience
  • Reduction of workforce or company consolidation
  • Integration of tax system demands created by corporate acquisitions.
  • Unexpected staff turnover at manager’s or director’s levels.
  • Transitional period of business including pre or post acquisition team changes.
  • New tax function demand created by business spin-offs.
  • Business growth leading to an increase in number of tax jurisdictions resulting increased filing obligations.
  • Mismatch of tax requirements and skills related to business priorities.

We would be delighted to discuss how we can help you, and your group or company. Please get in touch and contact MHSS at [email protected] or alternatively, contact our office directly.