Corporate tax considerations are very important when planning and structuring business acquisitions, mergers, reorganizations, joint ventures or other business transactions. The complex and evolving tax laws and regulations presents many challenges.


Furthermore, increasing globalization adds another layer of complexity, with corporations required to maintain an awareness of global tax practices and regulations as well as domestic tax codes. Our firm is providing services related to our clients’ tax strategies including:

  • Valuation of tangible assets across different tax jurisdictions.
  • Valuations of intangible assets for transaction planning and tax reporting purpose.
  • Valuation of fair market value interest expense allocation.
  • Valuation of business entities for cross-border re-organizations.
  • Valuation of Share schemes and other forms of employee incentive programs in accordance with applicable legislation and regulations.
  • Transfer pricing studies.
  • Cost segregation studies.



Our firm have provided tax valuations since its incorporation and our exclusive focus on valuation and related issues provides the independence crucial to objective corporate tax valuations. Important differences exist between valuation for financial reporting and tax reporting. MHSS staff has deep knowledge of those tax laws and familiar with the local practices that impact valuation, as well as with cross border requirements and treaties.


We would be delighted to discuss how we can help you, and your group or company. Please get in touch and contact MHSS at [email protected] or alternatively, contact our office directly.