Taxation is considered a significant factor for proper business management of organizations. The tax optimization strategy demands a thorough knowledge of tax laws that are applicable on the business entities so that most efficient fiscal measure could be adopted to develop business activities.


Our firm helps to choose most efficient available tax options to our clients, with a view of optimizing their tax situation along with the efficient structuring of business and operations.


In this context we offer:

  • Corporate restructuring alternative identification fiscally more efficient and list the advantages and disadvantages
  • Providing opinions on transactions from a domestic law and tax treaty point of view
  • Tax support in the realization of merger, demerger and entries assets, including cross-border operations
  • Conducting tax Due Diligence
  • Tax support in the review of contracts
  • Identifying tax planning opportunities and addressing potential problem areas in the course of undertaking day to day business activities
  • Support the implementation of tax efficient solutions adopted after the completion of the acquisition and monitoring of their impacts

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