In a challenging and dynamic market, reporting of financial performance of business entities in a complaint manner is key. It is possible to reduce capital costs if information of relevant stakeholder is available. Our experienced team will help you to get benefit in your future decision making from efficient compliance efforts and depth of knowledge.


Frequent change in business structures through mergers and acquisitions, refinancing transactions, strategic alliances through joint ventures and investments and carve-out of non-core businesses often result in major challenges to financial reporting functions of business entities. Closing of a any above transaction close to a reporting date can result in major disruption of day to day operations of business entity impairing its ability to meet reporting deadlines. Furthermore, non-routine complex financial reporting questions can result an additional challenge in this scenario.


To Protect market share of business and to adapt new business environments, adjustment in financial reporting strategy of business entities is required to sustain a relevant stakeholder communication. Further, now regulators and standard setters are very active in introducing new requirements and standards and compliances.


Considering Pakistan particularities:


In addition to the global challenges faced by business entities, it is also important to consider the Pakistan particularities when developing solutions of IFRS financial reporting. Pakistan market investors stakeholders have different expectations for example with regard to the complexity of financial reports. The views of Pakistan regulatory bodies are very important when working on certain topics to avoid unnecessary discussions which incur extra time and additional costs and locks in capacities in financial reporting departments of business entities.


The selection of appropriate accounting standards is a strategic decision and it needs to consider wider implications beyond a pure cost-benefit consideration. The choice of accounting standards can impact the strategy of stakeholders’ communication. It is therefore very important to align the adaption accordingly to secure maximum benefits from standard selection.


How MHSS can help:


Our team approaches accounting, financial and reporting solutions with advanced thinking, raising the standards of quality through ever-deeper assurance.   


Our financial reporting solutions include:

  • Assisting companies to understand, operationalize, and assess impact of complex accounting and reporting changes resulting from shifting regulations, new accounting standards, change in business structure;
  • Providing support with the end-to-end accounting, process integration, and financial reporting support related to mergers, acquisitions, IPOs and divestitures; 
  • Performing financial reporting benchmarks with your selected peer group;
  • Drafting accounting manuals, accounting policy papers and accounting position papers;

Offering tailored training and update sessions with practical examples and cases studies.We would be delighted to discuss how we can help you, and your group or company. Please get in touch and contact MHSS at [email protected] or alternatively, contact our office directly.