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Purchase Management


Each step can be configured as per business rules and controls. Configuration panel provides:

  • Definable document flow
  • Customized behavior for each document
  • Partial execution of documents
  • User-defined Relationship between documents
  • Multiple types of Purchase Orders
  • Approved Vendor list for particular items
  • Partial receipts base on single or multiple purchase orders
  • Single invoice based on single or multiple GRN
  • Definable accounts payable voucher template
  • Separate voucher for freight, commission or any other charges
  • Definable document terms & conditions and check lists
  • Advance settlement on invoice generation to offset AP
  • Accounts Receivable document offset facility when same party acting as customer and vendor
  • Vendor specific sale prices can be assigned
  • Vendor item-codes mapping

Vendor Master Profile

  • Vendor code
  • Full company name
  • Full company address including email and web sites (multiple address)
  • Full contact details for each customer, multiple contact
  • Persons can be attached with single customer
  • Default accounts for sales, purchases, AR and AP invoices and return notes
  • Vendor sales tax registration information

Purchase Explorer


Purchase explorer fully integrated with user access privilege and shows appropriate documents and status.


Purchase Explorer features include;

  • Purchase document view for any particular customer
  • Purchase document view for any particular item
  • Purchase document view for user desired date range
  • Filtration option for document status, user code or party reference codes
  • Hierarchical view for single purchase order and drilldowns to invoices
  • Easy tracking for documents and their current stage within purchase cycle

Purchase Reports


Purchase management module provides comprehensive reporting which includes:

  • Purchase document register summary and detail
  • Item wise Purchase register
  • Party wise Purchase register
  • Monthly Purchase analysis
  • Item wise Purchase analysis
  • Party wise Purchase analysis
  • Payable aging reports

Document Approval & Cancellation


Purchase management provides approval check on any document within the purchase cycle. Users with appropriate security privileges can approve or cancel documents when needed. Remaining quantities can be cancelled when no further processing is required by vendors.


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