Profits and value are generated within the operations of an organization, not in the accounting department. Operational Performance Reviews focus on identifying LEAN processes that facilitate greater efficiency: on-time, on-budget deliveries and high-quality outputs. Processes can be streamlined to eliminate waste at every stage of operations, leading to shortened timelines, cost reductions, increased productivity and value. Operational Evolution Plans create the road map to action best practices identified and monitor their progress.


Whatever the sector of the operation, the need for improved processes has become more apparent. Our comprehensive approach creates sustained change for greater efficiencies and practical methods for continuous improvement.


Many organizations need to operate in a complex environment with heightened regulation and accountability. Through standardized process solutions, coupled with effective risk management, significant gains to productivity stand to be realized.


Working with your team, the professionals at MHSS have the experience and expertise necessary to identify and facilitate greater operational effectiveness. Our approach, method and diligence are second to none. We are the trusted advisors of choice.


Working smarter:


Operational Performance Reviews focus on the long-term outlook and commitment to leave a positive lasting impact on operations. We bring greater focus to root causes and a solution-oriented, team-based approach that increases accountability and ownership. Through ongoing coaching, we work with your team to ensure that the development and implementation of plans is a continuous process. Speak to our professionals about how we can help your organization discover additional capacity, improve your customers’ satisfaction and optimize supply chain activities.


MHSS offers the following services to address process concerns and effect sustained change for increased productivity:


Needs assessment:


Working with you to understand organizational needs and gain an in-depth perspective, we assess qualitative and quantitative data, such as Key Performance Indicators and related financial information.


Systematic approach:


We use leading expertise and proven tools to make the operational aspects of the business more efficient by identifying and eliminating waste in organizational processes.


Problem solving:


To facilitate sustained change, we work with your team to develop solutions. Through this level of participation, we enable greater ownership of ideas and an ongoing commitment to continuous improvement.


Cause analysis:


By drilling down on root causes, rather than focusing on symptoms, we ensure measurable results in the long term.


Action plans:


Working with your team to identify and eliminate barriers to the successful implementation of solutions, we develop action plans that outline responsibilities, timing and future follow-up.


Continuous improvement:


We don’t stop after a plan is developed. We provide ongoing coaching to ensure that the search for efficiency continues by helping establish goals and ongoing tactics, ensuring processes are continually discussed and improved as the entity’s needs continue to evolve.


We would be delighted to discuss how we can help you, and your group or company. Please get in touch and contact MHSS at [email protected] or alternatively, contact our office directly.