Software provides comprehensive manufacturing functionality that can be handle the requirements of the most complex manufacturing facilities with ease and control.


Major functionalities include:

  • Job Orders (production order)
  • Production reporting
  • Process wise job status
  • Quantity issue and downtime reporting

Job Orders


Job orders can be created from standard BOM (bill of material) and routings or from data stored in the estimating module. Either way, the Job Order contains all of the materials, tasks, costs and schedules that apply to the job. Full integration with the shop floor data collection module to provides real-time job status and costing.


Features include:

  • Job order drive allocation for raw materials and supplies finished products to inventory
  • Raw materials attached to the consuming tasks
  • Onscreen display of drawings and work procedures
  • Descriptions, comments and reference fields flow from sales order and estimating to job order on creation
  • Lot and serial number support
  • Standard materials and labor become job target cost
  • Actual material and labor used to calculate actual unit cost on Job order closing
  • Easily modify orders to create custom orders
  • Percentage complete functionality

Job Order Receive


Job order receive modules are used to update the job order. The minimum data that must be reported is the quantity produced by operation. This will result in the back flushing of the standard BOM. But you can also choose to report any or all of the following:

  • Actual material consumption
  • Scrap with reason codes
  • Lot and serial number
  • Task percentage completed

Shop Floor Control


Shop floor control module provides complete control over production activity by tracking job orders from their inception to completion. It also tracks all of the costs that occur at each production step (process).


Features include:

  • Easily correct errors
  • Overhead cost calculated based on consumption
  • Real-time job status
  • Single user can process multiple jobs
  • Standard VS actual costing

Production Management Reporting


Comprehensive reporting covers complete view of manufacturing cycle and provides in-depth status, main reporting includes:

  • Job Order Status
  • Job wise consumption issuance
  • Department wise issuance
  • Value of issued items
  • Value of job order
  • Current stage of the job order
  • Party order status
  • Batch wise inventory status

Software provides Job order receive modules where all aspects of production can be manually reported. Additionally, shop floor data collection activates job order receive during the job closing process, prompting the user to enter necessary data.


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