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Item Master


This central system module feeds its data to every other system module that requires item data. The item master contains a huge range of data about each of your products including:

  • Detailed description and Images
  • Lead-time and lot sizing
  • Item classification, categories and groups
  • Weights and measures
  • Item costs and cost settings
  • Default account codes
  • Inventory locations and controls
  • Safety stock levels, shrink factors and planning controls
  • Approved supplier lists and pricing
  • Variety of user-definable reference fields (attributes)

Product Groups and Categories


Software allows you to categorize your inventory items using product groups. Each group is a family of similar items that have variable options, such as a device that has a choice of features. Each feature is considered to be a category. Items are defined according to features and options they contain, and this drives search and reporting functions throughout the system.




Software provides order entry, quotation management, supplier performance, and history so the buyer has all the tools necessary to make informed decisions.


Features include:

  • Detailed item-based pricing or quantity sensitive contract pricing tables with effective date control
  • Full integration with receiving and AP
  • Vendor part number cross-references and descriptions
  • Automatically create purchase order through a variety of inventory and sale-based processes.
  • Charge purchase to inventory or directly to jobs
  • Automate repeat ordering with PO templates
  • Drop ship products to customers or other vendors
  • PO generator combines requisitions into single PO per supplier
  • Reports and inquiry module for open PO, Booked PO, prices paid, valuation or received PO’s

Unit of Measurement (UOM) Treatment


Software provides a unique approach to manage inventories in multiple UOM. All transactions involving inventory items can be done in any UOM associated with item defined in Item Master catalog. Stock reporting can be generated using preferred UOM, since system tracks transactions by unit conversion rules provided by user.


Inventory Transactions


Software provides a full repertoire of transaction types for maintaining inventory records.

  • Transfers and Adjustments
  • Inward/Outward Gate Passes
  • Stock Issues to Cost Center
  • Stock issues to cost center production job order wise
  • Stock returns
  • Purchase receiving through GRN (goods receive notes)
  • Stock deliveries (sale dispatches)
  • Sale Returns
  • Purchase Returns

Warehouse and Location Management


The inventory management system provides quantity and location controls for your inventory. The location system supports multiple ware houses and multiple inventory locations (bin/wallet) within each warehouse. This allows you to create anywhere from a single location per warehouse to detailed, multi-tier location tracking. If your business is distribution of logistics-based, it has the functionality you need to improve warehouse operations.


Software provides real-time inventory system. There is no need to batch processing. Features include:

  • Separate good inventory from quarantine inventory
  • Inspection, consignment and staging bins
  • Bin priority codes that categorize the desirability of storage locations
  • Can suggest the most desirable item to place in any bin
  • Transactions can be processed through any capable device (requires interfacing)

Lot and Serial Control


Each item has controls that allow you to determine whether it will require lot number or serial numbering. For businesses that require this type of inventory control, lot and serial control ensure the ultimate in product traceability down to raw material.


The inventory management system provides a bevy of reports that allow you to track and report on every key aspects of your inventory including:

  • Detail stock status
  • Quantities in summary or detailed lot/serial
  • Aged lot/serial inventory
  • Current of period-end inventory valuations
  • Detailed transactions register

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