As the business entities decides to exploit opportunities overseas, they face different tax challenges along with the risk of double taxation. Therefore, an efficient tax structure is one of the keys to international success.


Business entities doing business overseas may face a complex web of local tax treaties, tax laws and issues like transfer pricing and thin capitalization. The penalties for non-compliances can be substantial.


Proper planning of tax issues can lead to significant savings in the long term- from reduced taxation and avoiding penalties to eliminating delays in establishing subsidiaries.


Our professional staff is available to explain different tax options open to the businesses and help set up the most appropriate business vehicles and structures.


Reliable advice, worldwide:


We have helped many clients minimize tax on their overseas earnings and profit and avoid the pitfalls of cross border dealings.


How MHSS can help you:

  • Transfer pricing manual preparation and advice
  • Inbound/outbound business structuring
  • Advising on capitalizing, withholding tax, double tax agreement applications
  • Issues of permanent establishments
  • Applications of Tax to international arrangements
  • Tax effective salary arrangements
  • Thin capitalization rules.

If your business is expanding into other countries, or based overseas, please contact us to find out more at [email protected] or alternatively, contact our office directly.