A reliable and up to date accounting software is an essential component of a successful business because it will assist in financial decision making, budget analysis and is a is a fundamental tool for any business need.


Whether it’s a start of any business or a growing business, finding the right accounting software can be hard. At a time when long-term strategy is needed to support the changing business environment and real-time is vital for business workflow, business need want something that is fast, accurate, convenient and trustworthy.


MHSS provides a comprehensive Business Management resource planning solution that extends horizontally across the organization business function and vertically throughout the supply chain, empowering the organization workforce to perform electronic transactions processing, tracking and monitoring in a paperless environment via Internet /Intranet/ Extranet.


We provide a new and innovative approach to ERP systems designed to deliver the optimum business software solution to your company. While reducing implementation cost and eliminating the typical risk factor associated with other ERP systems, unique combination of end-to-end configurable ERP software allows you implement your business solution easier and more cost effectively than before.


We provide most innovate approach to ERP solutions. Our focus is to continuously reduce the cost of ERP while improving the customer experience. Our technical specialists and business team position us uniquely to meet all of your strategic goals, guaranteeing ERP success for your business entity.


Our inhouse team check the needs of the organization and accordingly recommend the best solution which fits to the business needs.


Our senior staff members check the needs of the organization and accordingly recommend the best solution which fits to the business needs. From the evaluation of the business needs till the live working of the software, our staff remain attach with the management team. In addition, accounting employees receive training on the accounting software to enhance their performance.



  • Follow up training to ensure the client is "on the right track"
  • Monthly, quarterly or annual review of client Accounting Software data to assist in tax preparation and management reports

An overview of some of the features of our accounting software are given below:

Accounting Software Services

Some of the main features of point of sale software are as follows: User interface is very easy to understand and sales transactions are recorded quickly and VAT complied thus speeding up the customer check out Receipts prints are very professional looking Works with touch screen terminals and barcode scanners thus eliminating the need for mouse or keyboard input It supports receipt printers that use roll paper Manage the discounts offered and item pricing Integration with inv...

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General Ledger (GL)   The GL module provides a multi-tier chart of accounts that gives virtually unlimited chart configurability. Accounts carry groups and departments for reporting purposes. Detailed drill-down functions provide summary or detailed views of transactions.   Other features include: Perpetual GL with no data consolidation or archiving User definable flexible periods and period controls Multiple periods can be simultaneously open No period end f...

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Item Master   This central system module feeds its data to every other system module that requires item data. The item master contains a huge range of data about each of your products including: Detailed description and Images Lead-time and lot sizing Item classification, categories and groups Weights and measures Item costs and cost settings Default account codes Inventory locations and controls Safety stock levels, shrink factors and planning controls Approv...

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Sales Management   Each step within sale process can be on figuring as per business rules and controls. Sale cycle configuration panel provides: Definable document flow Customized behavior for each document Partial execution of documents User-defined Relationship between documents Credit control on sale order booking Multiple types of sale orders Partial deliveries base on single or multiple sale orders Single invoice based on single or multiple deliveries Def...

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Purchase Management   Each step can be configured as per business rules and controls. Configuration panel provides: Definable document flow Customized behavior for each document Partial execution of documents User-defined Relationship between documents Multiple types of Purchase Orders Approved Vendor list for particular items Partial receipts base on single or multiple purchase orders Single invoice based on single or multiple GRN Definable accounts payable v...

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Overview   Software provides comprehensive manufacturing functionality that can be handle the requirements of the most complex manufacturing facilities with ease and control.   Major functionalities include: Job Orders (production order) Production reporting Process wise job status Quantity issue and downtime reporting Job Orders   Job orders can be created from standard BOM (bill of material) and routings or from data stored in the estimating...

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Overview   Payroll management system is comprehensive and fully adheres to governmental rules and regulations. Major functionalities include: Employee Master File Financial history of employees Electronic attendance Income tax management Leave management Overtime Policies Loan and advances management Attendance policies Employee Master File   Employee master includes detail information for each employee, its current status, associated department ...

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