Noor Hassan - Manager Corporate Affairs

Noor Hassan is CA finalist has completed his articles from Tariq Abdul Ghani Maqbool and Co. Chartered Accountants. He possesses experience in Accounting, Auditing, Taxation, and Financial consultancy, Corporate, ability to work in deadlines, having skills to lead team members.

He has strong background and knowledge of Corporate Matters and Compliance, having time management and organizational skills, having charismatic and convincing personality.

He has diversified range of experience including:

  • Incorporation Matters of all Type of Companies and Firms.
  • Ensuring Compliance of all Matters Relating to SECP.
  • NGO, Trust and Society Registration and Ensuring Compliance Thereafter.
  •  All the Matters Related to Pakistan Stock Exchange Limited and Pakistan Mercantile Exchange Limited.
  • Ensuring Compliance of all the Matters Related to SECP Including Licensed Companies.
  • To Deal in all the Matters of Companies Related to State Bank of Pakistan.
  • To Deal in Matters Relating to All Chambers of Commerce of Pakistan.
  • To Deal in all Corporate and Secretarial Practices.
  • Ensuring Compliance by Companies of Applicable Labour Laws.
  • NTN, STRN and WEBOC Registration.
  • Filing of Income Tax and Sales Tax Returns.
  • Internal Audit of Various Industries.
  • Assessment of Internal Controls and Making Recommendations for Improvement.
  • Financial Analysis
  • Making Business Plans and Feasibility of New Project.