Reno Subsystems Inc. 


Reno is engaged in the business of semiconductor and advanced microelectronic industries in order to optimize process control for volume production.


Following services are provided by MHSS:

  • Designing the appropriate chart of accounts and extract management reporting.
  • Configuring the accounting software according to financial and accounting requirements.
  • Reanalyzing, reclassifying and recoding the approved financial transactions.
  • Maintaining a register of fixed assets.
  • Recording periodically accruals and provisions.
  • Preparing Bank accounts’ reconciliations and maintaining all the banking record.
  • Preparing trial balance, balance sheet, income statements, and the related disclosures of Reno Subsystem, Canada, Reno Subsystem, USA, their Taiwan operations etc.
  • Consolidation of financials of all entities and its related financial reporting to the management.

Al Mardas Group of Companies.


Al Mardas Group of Companies is specialized in the business of providing cooperate uniforms, safety equipments and advertising & event management services to clients in the entire Sultanate.


Following services are provided by MHSS:

  • Carrying out stock audits and providing a comprehensive report to the management highlighting the stock management deficiencies and internal control improvements.
  • Providing system analysis services by reviewing the existing system of the organization, documenting the existing practices and process, doing GAP analysis of the whole system and identifying the loop holes suggesting new changes to the management.
  • Providing internal audit services and providing recommendations on risk management, governance and on internal controls.