Careers Students.

As an employer we believe that our people are not only our biggest asset; they are also our greatest investment into our future, fundamental to our long-term growth and success. Consequently, we go the extra mile in equipping them with the skills necessary for their professional growth, rewarding them for outstanding performance and providing them with a world class environment to deliver their very best.


Our philosophy towards trainee staff and articulated persons is to develop them so that they could easily handle the professional work challenges. We maintain a friendly environment in our organization. By the completion of the training period, we produce leaders who believe in their abilities and who inspire the entrepreneurs by their actions and strength.


We conduct regular training sessions which help our people to get the practical insights of work matters. Throughout the year, we conduct different recreational events. We plan trips in different regions of Pakistan. We conduct inter departments events and activities. We also maintain proper exam leave policy for our people. Any trainee can discuss work matters with senior staff and partners of the firm.


If you are associated with the professional bodies including CA, ACCA, ICAEW, MBA and CPA then step inside the MHSS world where you will find great people working with an invigorated spirit of teamwork, driving exceptional results, and creating powerful impact nationwide and beyond.


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