Careers Employed.

We are a people company. Strength of our company lies in our people and we believe that our business objectives cannot be achieved without our team. At MHSS, you will find yourself in a dynamic and revitalizing environment, surrounded by passionate people. Our philosophy is to empower our people so that they rigorously contribute to the company’s business objectives and achieve their own personal and professional goals.


We want people who show entrepreneurial spirit, people with purpose and ambition, who take responsibility for their decisions and who consider MHSS their own business. A MHSS employee is characterized by creativity and dynamism. We don’t only look for specialists, but people who have knowledge and skills with broad interests.


Throughout the year, we have job openings in different departments for members of professional bodies including CA, ACCA, ICAEW, MBA and CPA.  


We look forward to hearing from you.

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