Malik Haroon Shahid Safder & Co. Chartered Accountants (MHSS). (Formerly Maqbool Haroon Shahid Safdar & Co.) represents a group of hardworking and dedicated professionals. The firm is currently ranked amongst the technically robust firms, in Pakistan, which enjoys professional reputation within the business and industrial circles. Since its formation, its partners and managerial staff is renowned for their in-depth practical hands-on expertise in the areas of Taxation, Auditing, Accounting, Corporate Management, Financial Consultancy, Legal & Secretarial Services, Foreign Investment and other related assistance to local and foreign corporate / business organizations.


The firm represents a dedicated team of professionals who are specialized in different areas. We strongly believe in our staff strength which is the key to success of our firm. we maintain close and constant contact with our clients and keep them constantly abreast about rapidly changing business environment through Circulars, Memos, Counseling and Publications all the year round. Our clients include small family businesses to large size national concerns. The firm is also engaged in the International Outsourcing business especially for the clients in USA, Canada, England and United Arab Emirates.


Malik Haroon Shahid Safder & Co. Chartered Accountants (Formerly Maqbool Haroon Shahid Safdar & Co.)  firm is in position to deliver value added services to its clients through highly knowledgeable, experienced, motivated and skilled staff which is evident from its satisfactory Quality Control Review [QCR] Rating issued by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan.


The firm is a registered Business Development Service Provider of SME Business Support Fund by Ministry of Finance, Pakistan.


We are registered training Institution for the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan [ICAP].


MHSS presently maintains offices in four major cities Lahore, Karachi, Sahiwal and Islamabad Pakistan. The Firm strives to become a One-source solution provider to the multi-sector companies and is continuously seeking expansion into new and challenging business markets.


MHSS is an independent member firm of United Consulting & Corporate Services (UC&CS) America in Pakistan. UC& CS America is a network of firms which was founded 22 years ago in Mexico City. According to the IAB World Survey 2017, UC&CS America is the 23rd largest firm globally and 6th largest firm in Latin America. For more information, please visit


MHSS is an independent member firm of UC&CS Global in Pakistan. UC& CS Global is an Association of Independent Firms in all over the World which was founded 11 years ago in Mexico City. According to the IAB World Survey 2017, UC&CS Global is the 18th largest association globally, ranked at number one in Latin America and ranked at number 21 in Europe and Asia Pacific. For more information, please visit


Our Philosophy towards clients


We have always believed in providing pro-active, quality advice at an affordable price. We always thrive for being different so we can set a higher standard. We have always developed a service model that is more responsive to clients and we build long term relations with our clients. In this regard, we have always considered our clients as a partner and not as a vendor. Our firm was started on the premise that our clients should have high expectations of us and we have even higher expectations of ourselves. We have always provided trusted, long-term relationships, with the depth of services that larger accounting firms offer, at lower costs to our clients.


Our perspective is that a knowledgeable independent advisor should be able to relate to the unique problems of our clients and their interrelationships with similar organizations in the public and private sector. This perspective, coupled with our working experience with a wide variety of entities, enables us to provide innovative and practical solutions to the problems and issues our clients face.


We have always formulated the following statements as our guidelines:




We value our all size of clients and regard the confidence and trust which our clients place in us. Under the rules of our Chartered Accountancy profession, we are governed by the privacy rules that require us to keep our clients’ information secure. MHSS pledges not to disclose any information to which it has access in the process of the performance of Clients engagements. We process information and data provided in accordance with the instructions given by the Clients. Under no circumstances we disclose such data to third parties without written authorization from the Clients, even merely for safekeeping. We believe that the duties of secrecy and non-disclosure continue to apply indefinitely even after all service engagements are terminated.




Our senior managerial staff oversee the work of our professional staff assigned to each client to assure accessibility, timely response, consistency and continuity of the staff who understand your business.  


We believe in the value of relationships with our clients. We view every client relationship as a partnership, and truly believe that our success is a result of our clients’ success.


We always look forward to provide close and personal attention to our clients. We always take pride to give technical expertise, guidance and training to our clients which comes after years of hard work, dedication, commitment and financial acumen. We continuously invest our resource and time to gain up to date knowledge, state of the art computer technology which have resulted in extensive business relationships from small family run business to large listed clients, showing indicative of our commitment to excellence.


Innovative thinking


We always perform our work by adopting the smart approach to ensure more business to our clients. We strengthen our staff to perform work differently and we keep developing new methodologies which provide benefits in long run to over clients.




We have developed a culture of continuous learning in our organization. Our professional staff is always abreast with latest information and work techniques both of local as well as of international market which provide incomparable benefits to our clients.




We believe in productivity of work of our professional staff. In this regard, we conduct continues professional development regarding the work management, projects handling techniques, laws and regulations requirements, planning method and different tools and models which help to secure work in high degree of efficiency.